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【 21/12/13 】Reading Group "ART SINCE 1900": 1971|初期の制度批判
【 21/11/29 】Reading Group "ART SINCE 1900": 1972a|ブロータース
【 21/11/15 】Reading Group "ART SINCE 1900": 1972b|ドクメンタ5
【 21/11/01 】Reading Group "ART SINCE 1900": 1972c|ポストモダン建築
【 21/10/18 】Reading Group "ART SINCE 1900": 1973|初期のヴィデオ・アート
【 21/10/04 】Reading Group "ART SINCE 1900": 1974|アメリカのパフォーマンス・アート
【 21/09/20 】Reading Group "ART SINCE 1900": 1975a|フェミニズム・アート
【 21/09/06 】Reading Group "ART SINCE 1900": 1975b|モスクワ・コンセプチャアリズム


Yasuto Masumoto called us recently on March 10 and asked if CAMP would like to contribute to Charley magazine. Yasuto is an artist and we featured him and another artist Meiro Koizumi in one of our exhibitions at CAMP. In February, he founded a collective called "Collective Parasol" in Kyoto with a group of artists and curators. They were given four pages to contribute to the magazine, and gave one of the pages to us.

CAMP's objective is to reflect on various issues on contemporary art through collaborating with artists, curators, critics, researchers and students, and organizing various events including talks, exhibitions and parties mainly in Tokyo. Our website, which contains the archive of past events, is only in Japanese (sorry). However, rather than introducing our past activities here, we are making an attempt as following.

We have asked all the participants of CAMP to post their answers to the question, "what are important questions for you?" to Twitter in English. To read the posts, you can search "#wiq" on Twitter (or http://wthashtag.com/wiq). If you have an account, you can add your own comment or make contact with the participants.

We look forward to creating interactions and discussions with you.